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Triple Drum Dryer Machine from Manufacturer for Sawdust

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Now there are a lot of roller plus airflow dryer machine for sawdust. But the drum is mostly single drum, large area, poor insulation, and the uneven distribution of wood chips in a single drum, and thickness of material grading drying device, often unstable phenomenon. The most common is the final moisture cannot control, either too dry or too wet. Cause after the procedure is not working properly, good times and bad. Plus sawdust containing a small amount of impurities such as stones and nails, if there is no good treatment equipment, causing equipment is often damaged, causing equipment fire, explosions and other phenomena.

Rotary Drum Dryer Machine for Sale

The sawdust rotary tri-drum dryer is introduced from Germany, according to certain mathematical relationships and structure by multiple concentric cylinders of different diameters, each other inlay combination of. Fully utilize waste heat of the energy-saving multi-layer sawdust drum dryer machine function to reduce heat loss, and to increase the heat exchange area, so that the dryer unit volume evaporation intensity is greatly improved, thereby effectively improve the utilization of geothermal energy, and reduce the energy consumption and the thermal efficiency of the dryer has been greatly improved.