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Operation and Maintenance of Dryer

1. Drying efficiency depends on the condition of the fire chamber, so pay more attention to the fire chamber, air blower and dust cleaner and absorption equipment when operate the dryer High Quality Drum Dryers equipment.

2. Light furnace before starting dryer one hour earlier, check all of the accessory equipment, which includes each transmission of the dryer and the supporting parts, etc. Start to run after all parts and equipments are normal and being fastened and lubricated.

  • Check heating stove, stove grate, feeding device, fire chamber, slags in the stove pit, stove door, air conduit, control valve, air blower and dust cleaner before light the stove.
  • Check the fuel, tools, transmission and supporting device before starting drying, lubricate all bearings and the rubbing surface.
  • Steps to run the dryer is : start the electrical machine first, then is the transporting equipment for wet materials and transporting equipment for dried materials, make it to be a continuous and uniform operation procedure.

3. Check the temperature of each bearing parts in drying process, the temperature can not be higher than 50℃. The sound of the gears should be stable, transmission, supporting part and the rotation of barrel should be shock-free and non-transport. Otherwise, check and maintain the equipments regularly, it includes:

  • No loose in all bolt fastening pieces.
  • Check the contaction of rolling ring, catch wheel and tow wheel.
  • No crack, rub and damage in windshield ring and gear cover.