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How to Dry Sawdust Better With a Rotary Dryer Machine

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Wood sawdust is a kind of organic materiel with 40-50% water content. The general requirement for dried moisture content of is about 12%, and its main water free water and living water, free water is relatively easy removal, and biologicalthe water is difficult removal. The drying process of wood (sawdust) from the size of the production, the characteristics of the finished material, is easy to operate, one-time investment and operating cost considerations.

Rotary Dryer Machine for Sale

At present, most of the wood dryer machine with air dryer, fluidized bed dryer and rotary drum dryer. Air dryer and drum dryer is the most widely used in the wood drying, which is lowest in investment, especially in the production hours, but because of the extremely short drying time of the air dryer, and the thickness cannot be graded, prone to drying out of the moisture unstable, and prone to clogging, and unreliable operation, causing the rear of the device can not complete, resulting in investment and energy waste.