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Air Flow Sawdust Dryer

Air Flow Sawdust Dryer Machine Air Flow Sawdust Dryer Equipment

ⅠEquipment Features:

It uses hot air spray self-absorbing device, has the advantages of automatic self-feed, high hot air flow rate, materials fully contact air and good drying effect. Materials of 40% moisture can be dried (one time) to meet the need of briquette plant (moisture is about 10%). Compared with other dryer (need to dry 2-3 times), the new type dryer reduces the labour intensity.  It saves thousands of fuel cost and reduces the drying cost.

ⅡTechnical Parameters:

Model Power (kw) Output (kg/h) Dried diameter Dried moisture
GC-QL-I-4 4 300-400 3-5mm 35%
GC-QL-I-7.5 7.5+1.5+0.75 600-700 3-5mm 35%
GC-QL-I-11 11+1.5+0.75 800-900 3-5mm 35%
GC-QL-II-5.5 5.5+1.5 300-400 3-5mm 50%
GC-QL-II-7.5 7.5+1.5 600-700 3-5mm 50%
GC-QL-II-11 11+1.5+0.75 1000-1200 3-5mm 50%
GC-QL-II-15 15+1.5+0.75 1100-1300 3-5mm 50%