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Grain Dryer

Grain Dryer Manufacturer from China


  • The dryer is used for drying high moisture grain of rice、wheat、corn and soybean, etc.
  • The dryer can be used in farm、grain supply center and grain plant specialized household.
  • Hot air is the drying medium of the dryer, it adopts the circular drying technology to fully heat the grain evenly, then get a good drying result.
  • The dryer uses coal、firewood、straw and rice husk as the fuel, which transforms to the clean hot air by burning and heat transfer, it is non-polution for the dried grain.
  • The dryer equips with automatic on-line temperature detector and moisture content detector, this greatly increases the automaticity and ensure the grain quality after drying.
  • With the simple structure and small size, the dryer is easy to use, deliver and move.
  • Small investment and low working cost, the dryer can meet the need of the small and medium size farm and farmers.
  • Drying tower dimensions: 1880mm×1686mm×6460mm.

ⅡTechnical Parameters:

Model GC-LT30 GC-LT50 GC-LT100 GC-LT150
Capacity(ton/day) 30 150 100 150
Reducing moisture (%) 3~5
Heat medium Fresh air
hot-air temperature (℃) < 120
Highest heat temperature of the grain (℃) 55
Unevenness of drying (%) < 2
Breakage value-added rate (%) 0.3
Unit heat consumption(kj/kgH2O) 5100~6700
Coal consumption(standard coal)(kg/h) 25~180 40~260 80~350 120~520
Installed capacity Depend on environment,condition,reducing moisture and the configuration

Ⅲ Structure of Drying Tower and Drying Principle

Clean the grain and take into the drying tower with the lifter, then finish the drying process through the sections of storage、preheating、retardance、 drying and cooling. The water dried out from the materials can be discharged from the discharge section, then send the dried materials into granary with the conveyor. Air-heater brings the dry air into hot blast heater (heat exchanger), get into the dryer after heating the hot air to the necessary temperature (highest temperature is 140℃), then get through the horny ventilating box, fully contact with the wet grain from all directions, then the hot air becomes humidity and let it out to atmosphere.

Grain Dryer Tower

1. Belt conveyor 2. Cleaning sieve 3. Bucket elevator4. Front warehouse 5. Electric drive gate 6. Belt conveyor  7. Bucket elevator  8. Drying tower 9. Belt conveyor 10. Cooling fan 11. Heating fan 12. Heater 13. Bucket elevator 14. Back warehouse