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Failure and Solution of Dryer

1. The materials moisture after drying is greater than standard value, the solution is to control the dryer capacity, increase or reduce the heat supply.Energy Saving Machine

2. Rolling ring swings the barrel when running, in that the side of the concave joint of the rolling ring is not tight, the solution is that clamp the rolling ring and the joint with base plate uniformly and properly, avoid accidents result from clamp too tight.

3. The back lash between big and small gear wheels is damaged, the reason is: a. tow wheel is damaged; b. catch wheel is damaged; c. small gear wheel is damaged. The solution is turning or changing them according to the damage degree, or install in the reverse side and coupled replace.

4. Shake the whole body. The reason is: a. the joint of tow wheel device and the base are damaged, the solution is adjusting the fastening joint part to a right position; b. the side of the rolling ring is damaged, solution is turning or changing rolling ring according to the damage degree.