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Gypsum Dryer

ⅠGypsum Dryer Works Principle:Rotary Slag Dryer for Sale

The origin of heat of gypsum dryer comes from the burning device. The machine adopts downstream method to heat. Therefore, raw materials enter into the cylinder from the feeding box and feed slide. After that, they were sent to the behind of drum by the spiral copy board. Because of the oblique of drum, the materials is flow to the end by the action of gravity and turning. On the other hand, material is copied repeatedly and taken to the top, then, they were spread down continually so that the material form a uniform screen screens in the barrel and achieve heat exchange fully with the hot air of barrel. Material will be dried by repeated scattering during which moisture content is evaporated gradually. The device is suitable for drying gypsum, fly ash and other materials.

Gypsum dryer is mainly constituted by front and rear wheel cylinder device. Inlet and out equipment, rigging, gear cover and other components. Gypsum dryer doesn’t include these ancillary equipments like combustion chamber, feeding the discharging equipment, dust collection equipment.

Ⅱ Main Technical Parameters:

Model Diameter of drum (mm) Length of drum (m) Lean(°) Rotating speed (r/min) Power (kW) Volume
GC-SG Ф0.6×8 Ф600 8 0.7-3 8 4 2.26
GC-SG Ф0.8×10 Ф800 10 0.7-3 7.2 4 5.02
GC-SG Ф1.0×10 Ф1000 10 0.7-3 6.73 5.5 7.85
GC-SG Ф1.2×12 Ф1200 12 0.7-3 5.8 11 13.31
GC-SG Ф1.5×12 Ф1500 12 0.7-3 4.8 15 21.2
GC-SG Ф1.8×14 Ф1800 14 0.7-3 3.2 30 48.22
GC-SG Ф2.2×18 Ф2200 18 0.7-3 3 37 70.43
GC-SG Ф2.4×20 Ф2400 20 0.7-3 2.83 45 90.43
GC-SG Ф2.8×24 Ф2800 24 0.7-3 2.59 75 147.

Main Features:

  • Strong anti-overload, large capacity, less fuel consumption, dry and low cost.
  • Hot air and the wet material enter into the dryer from the same side. Adopting down steam for drying; materials can use high temperature air to obtain a high evaporation, dryer temperature is low in the outlet and it has high thermal efficiency.
  • According to materials nature, it can change operating parameters so that the material can form a stable and full out fabric curtain to achieve quality heat exchange more fully in the dryer drum.
  • New feeding and discharging devices eliminate the phenomenon of feeding stoppage, discontinuous, uniform and returning materials of roller dryer and reduce the load of the dust system.
  • Dryer achieves "zero thrust" which greatly reduces the wear of gear wheel and guarantee cylinder to operate smoothly and reliability.
  • Dryer use "self-aligning roller-type device" that make the under roller and the race ring to keep linear touch forever, thereby reducing wear and power loss greatly.
  • According to user requirements, it can control the moisture content of products.