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Safety Regulations from Rotary Drier Manufacturer

The rotary dryer machines are widely used in many fields, but the new modern rotary driers operations are more complicated than the old ones. As one experienced rotary drier manufacturer, KMEC would like to share the knowledge of safety regulations in the modern rotary drier production. The following are 4 tips for you references:

Flowchart from Rotary Dryer Flowchart

  • In the transportation shall prevent the strenuous vibration and the corrosion from the rain, the storage place shall be dry and well ventilated indoor rooms.
  • If the heating resource is from the hot blast stove, the heating process has to be slow and even. If it is electricity power motivated, as the electric voltage requirement is very high, you have to check it to prevent the damage to the engine.
  • The fan must be checked to ensure that it runs in clockwise rotation, or the wind direction is not correct.  
  • Water is forbidden in the cleaning of the rotary dryer, the rotary dryer creates high temperature in the drying process, the inflammable and explosive matters are forbidden in the workshop. 
If you’d like to know the advices to your specific rotary drier or have some questions, send a message now for professional answers!