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Hot Blast Stove Features Of Cement Rotating Dryer

The hot blast stoves used in cement processing factories generally have two ways of burning: one is with the fixed fire grate stoker furnace and the other one is suspension combustion with pulverized coal fired boiler.

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The heating efficiency is one important factor that influences the drying effect of cement rotating dryer. The grate-fired furnace is popular for it is suitable for many types of fuels, which has the disadvantage of low heating efficiency-the fuels are not complete combustion, and a part of the fuels are wasted. Pulverized coal fired boiler could realize the fuel complete combustion, and coal has to be processed into powder.

The making of coal powder requires not only the proper crushing equipment, and coal purity and quality are also required to reach a certain standard. The new type of hot blast stove is developed to solve this problem, because the crushing machine is integrated to the hot blast stove. It is helpful, but the processed coal powder particle size uniformity is poor. While for many cement processing factories, good quality coal powder is very difficult to have.

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