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Guidelines for the New Installed Rotary Limestone Dryer

The newly installed rotary limestone dryer have to go through an empty machine test run before the drying production begins, and 4 hours is at least. The unusual occasions shall be taken care of in time during the test. After the empty machine test, tighten all the screws, check and add enough lubricating oil, and get everything ready for the load test run. Start the hot blast stove to pre-heat the stove and the cylinder body, in addition, this process need to be done gradually. A strong fire shall be prevented, and the cylinder body must be rotating while the heating is going on, and this is to prevent the accident caused by the uneven heating like the bending of the cylinder body. Add in the wet materials according to the preheating degrees, the preheating degrees can be checked by examine the moisture of the material that discharged from the dryer.

Rotary limestone Dryer Machine

A series of factors would influence the drying efficiency like the heating value of the fuel, the insulation properties of the dryer parts, the proper control of the wet material feeding amount. But for the drying production, making sure each part is in good conditions would help raise the drying efficiency.

This is the guidelines for the newly installed rotary limestone dryer from KMEC, if you need more information on rotary dryers, contact us now!