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Get To Know Chicken Manure Dryer Machine Better

With the fast development of poultry industry in recent years, researchers found that the instead of disposing the large quantity of created chicken manure, make proper treatment and reuse the waste is a better idea. The chicken mature contains several of proteins, fibers, calcium, phosphorus and other matters, the recycle and reuse not only solves the problem of pollution. It can be used as feed for poultry or fertilizer after it is dried, and grain has taken a large part of the recipe for the poultry like chicken and duck. Now less grain is used and more grain is saved as food, and large quantities of high quality organic fertilizer are produced for farms. With these benefits, the chicken manure dryer is developed and become one of necessary standard equipment for poultry factories.

Poultry Dryer Machine

The chicken manure dryer machine of KMEC works as the following steps: dry the chicken mature with high temperature dry air, the process of sterilization, decomposition and so on. It is suitable for poultry factories and the areas where poultry industry has been well developed, different heat resource can be customized for these drying equipments. You are always welcome to send us enquiries or any question, KMEC will solve all your problems!